A Billy Moyer, Jr. & Sammy Swindell Ride-Swap, Needs To Happen

Swindell and Moyer are two of the most recognizable names in all of motorsports, with over a thousand feature wins between a number of drivers, spanning across the biggest events in dirt track racing, in the two biggest forms, late model and sprint car racing. Billy Moyer and Sammy Swindell have won on the biggest stages in the sport, taking home major series championships in the World of Outlaw Sprint Car and Late Model ranks, along with World 100, Knoxville Nationals, Dirt Late Model Dream and Kings Royal trophies, making up resumes that could be stacked up against anyone in their path. If you go up-and-down the history of dirt track racing in America, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone with a better reputation and career than these two legends, and they may both rank second in their respective form of the sport, to Steve Kinser and Scott Bloomquist, as the greatest to ever do it.

Wherever you rank Moyer and Swindell, they're both definitely top ten all-time across dirt track racing, as a whole, and have established brands passed down to their sons, Kevin Swindell, and Billy Moyer, Jr., that have both taken them to the next level, in their own way. Kevin Swindell was able to become one of the best midget and sprint car drivers in the country, before transitioning into an ownership role, fielding cars for some of the biggest names in the sport, including his legendary dad sitting on the 2019 Kings Royal pole behind-the-wheel of the Swindell SpeedLab No. 39. Billy Moyer, Jr. on the other hand, continues to produce on-track, racking up nearly seventy-feature victories across a nearly fifteen-year career of his own.

With these two household names at an all-time high in the sport, why not do something together to take their brands to the next level and give the fans something they will never forget. There's no secret that Sammy Swindell and Billy Moeyer, Jr. are friends, even hanging out together when one or both of them have some time off from their respective grueling schedules. Most notably, Swindell spent the Lucas Oil Late Model Knoxville Nationals supporting Moyer, Jr. throughout the three-day event and that has started some talks if there could possibly be some type of partnership in the near future between the two.

A seat-swap between Sammy and Billy, Jr. at Eldora Speedway, with Moyer piloting the Swindell SpeedLab No. 39 Sprint Car and Swindell taking on the Billy Moyer, Jr. Enterprises No. 21BMJ Late Model, for a few hot laps, would be huge. We have seen similar events between Formula One and NASCAR superstars, first with Jeff Gordon and Juan Pablo Montoya in the early 2000s, Tony Stewart and Lewis Hamilton at the beginning of the decades and most recently Jimmie Johnson and Fernando Alonso at Bahrain, last year. Dirt Track Racing fans deserve something similar, and this is the perfect scenario to make this happen, and can even be beneficial from a business standpoint for both parties, Eldora Speedway as the host and a partner/film crew that could tape-and-produce the event LIVE or in doc-form.

Dirt Track Racing promoters, drivers, teams, and media outlets have come together to put-on major events in the past, but nothing like this has happened and in 2019, being the first to do something in a certain industry doesn't happen just every day. For all involved, do everything to make this happen, because everyone deserves it!

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