A Four-Car Scott Bloomquist Racing Driver Lineup Could Change Dirt Late Model Racing Forever

Scott Bloomquist Racing's 2020 driver lineup will more-than-likely consist of owner Scott Bloomquist in his iconic No. 0 entry and veteran Chris Madden in the team's second car, the No. 0M. With nothing confirmed as of now, we can only infer on this because of how the two performed in 2019, with Bloomquist bouncing back from months on the sidelines due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle wreck, to run consistent and capture a few victories over the course of the last number of months, along with Madden stepping in the second SBR car, and taking home a number of big event wins and solid finishes across the board. 

With this tandem having a high chance of each taking on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series tour full-time, next season, they will likely have two great shots of challenging Jonathan Davenport for the division championship title and could become the overall strongest team in the entire form of auto racing, if they aren't already. Given all of that, the question of if that will be the ceiling for SBR, as a whole, arises.

Whether they intended to change their business model in 2019, or not, Bloomquist and team made a few moves in-house that may give them sustained success for years to come. With seasoned industry businessman and promoter, Cody Sommer coming on-board as co-owner of the Scott Bloomquist Racing team, some social media, and digital re-branding came first, quickly followed by the hiring of Shannon Babb first for a number of races and then secondly, Chris Madden, to drive the teams No. 0M entry, on what seems to be a more permanent role, as mentioned above. Even with all of these big moves to their program already, could this just be the start of what may become a four-car Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series super-team?

It's safe to say that with the addition of Sommer, a re-branding, added sponsorship and a focus on social media marketing/exposure, as well as the expansion to two full-time teams, that Scott Bloomquist Racing is focused on setting themselves up to be a powerhouse for decades to come. It may not happen in 2020 or even in 2021, but the addition of a third car and then finally a fourth full-time LOLMDS team, could not only put them in a class of their own within the sport but also put them so far out in front that other companies wouldn't even have a shot of closing the overall gap.

The current landscape of multi-car late-model operations normally consists of only two-full-time drivers/teams, similar to the current SBR driver lineup, but Bloomquist and team may be the only organization, other than Clint Bowyer Racing, to have the business, marketing and logistical ability to take on a third or even a fourth driver and crew. With Cody Sommer taking on the day-to-day business tasks, there is no doubt that Scott Bloomquist Racing will have an upper-hand over their competitors when it comes to capturing sponsorship partners, and the implementation of the needed marketing strategy to keep those partnerships in a good place and the money coming in. Bloomquist, on the other hand, has been on the road on a full-time basis for decades and knows the logistical and equipment needs to make a successful, race-winning operation a reality on a national level. With all of that being said, if ANY team in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series pit area, or any late-model pit area, even had the crazy idea of expanding to a NASCAR Cup Series-style four-car operation, Scott Bloomquist Racing may be the only team currently organized, to pull it off successfully.

Now, let's say SBR decides to make this crazy idea a reality; we will let Cody Sommer grab the necessary funding and sponsorship to make it happen and we will focus on getting the third and fourth Scott Bloomquist Racing drivers. 

The answer to which competitors should pilot these two cars, if they chose to, is pretty simple and easy, to us anyway. Shannon Babb, who drove an SBR car on a few occasions in 2019, before returning to his normal No. 18 ride, would be an obvious choice for the third car, behind-the-wheel of the No. 0B, or even bringing back Scott Bloomquist's original number of 18, in which Babb has spent most of his career driving. For the fourth entry; a competitor that seems to be someone who has been groomed and mentored on multiple occasions by Bloomquist himself, and who would easily transition into the opportunity and become the lone youngster in the group, Ricky Weiss, in the No. 0W or 7.

A team of Scott Bloomquist, Chris Madden, Shannon Babb, and Ricky Weiss, with Cody Sommer taking on the business and marketing tasks, could change not only the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series but major dirt track racing, forever.

You've heard our crazy idea/possibility, what do you think and if you were Scott Bloomquist and Cody Sommer, who would you put in a third-and-fourth SBR LOLMDS entry?

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