Billy Moyer Should Be Respected As One of The Greatest Dirt Late Model Drivers Ever

Billy Moyer confirmed rumors around his pending retirement after picking up a $10,000-to-win, World 100 preliminary night victory, on Thursday at Eldora Speedway, a place that he has had a high number of success over the past four decades. Moyer is the only driver in World 100 history to take home six victories in the famed September event, with four of those coming in the 1990s, an era in which Billy became one of the most successful dirt late model drivers in the country, eventually bringing his total auto racing wins to 481-victories, spanning the better part of forty years.

As fans and media alike have put the focus, rightfully so, on drivers like Scott Bloomquist and Jonathan Davenport over the last number of years, due to their extreme on-track success and resumes on a national level, Billy Moyer's career footing in the sport has been put on the back-burner. There's no question that Bloomquist and Davenport, among others, deserve all of the accolades, awards, and praise they have been given, but Moyer deserves just as much as them, and we have failed him some over the years when it comes to this.

Even though Moyer's last national touring championship came in 2013, alongside the National Dirt Racing League, with his last mainstream title coming in 2005, capturing his third career World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series crown, the guy has competed in and won nearly every single big event, in dominating fashion. With the Iowa native approaching his sixty-second birthday, it is fair to say that he is past his prime, which makes events that have debuted within the last five or ten years irrelevant to his storied career. Billy has won his fair share of big races and championship titles, arguably going down as the greatest UMP DIRTcar Late Model driver of all-time, with almost too many titles and victories to count, it's time that we put some respect alongside his name.

No driver will ever win over 800-races in this era of motorsports during a career, even if they were to races as long as Moyer has, in the same quality equipment and more talent than anyone else in history, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish the feats that Billy and team have been able to. With that being said, Billy Moyer should go down as one of the auto racing drivers of all time, and it is our responsibility to him, his fans, family, and team to make sure that is the perception around an absolutely stunning career.

Whether Moyer returns to victory-lane in a big event before hanging-up his helmet for good at seasons end, or not, his career resume can go up against any-and-every driver throughout the history of the sport, and hold its own. In the late model ranks, the guy has competed his entire career against some of the best to ever strap into a car, and held his own, beating every challenger, time-after-time, again-and-again. Billy Moyer is one of the greatest drivers in the history of motorsports, and it is time that he is viewed i the way, nationally and internationally. It is our job to make sure the guy is shown the respect he has rightfully earned, as his storied career comes to an end.

(Mike Ruefer Photo)

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