Brandon Sheppard Wins 2nd Annual Dirt Million at Mansfield Motor Speedway

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Brandon Sheppard bags second annual Dirt Million win at Mansfield Motor Speedway, leading the majority of the event, after taking the lead from Jonathan Davenport on lap thirty. After taking the top spot, Sheppard was able to fend-off charges from multiple competitors, like Mike Marlar, Chase Junghans and hard-charging Jimmy Owens and Ricky Weiss, as well as a few late restarts, to cash-in one of the highest paydays of the season.

The World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model regular takes home the $101,626.20 winner's share, which was down a whopping $101,313.30 from last years over $200,000-to-win inaugural Dirt Million. Even with the decrease, the race still ranks near the top of each driver's bucket like and "must-win." events, due to the fact that it is one of the richest overall purses and winner-shares in all of dirt track racing, especially the late model ranks.

Mike Marlar and Chase Junghans were able to take top five starting positions and race in the front few positions for the entire 100-lap event, putting together successful podium finishes and each building momentum going into the remainder of their 2019 schedule. Jimmy Owens and Ricky Weiss drove from ninth and eleventh respectively to take the final two spots inside the top five at race end, with Darrell Lanigan, Jonathan Davenport, Tyler Erb, Hudson O'Neal and Scott Bloomquist rounding out the top ten.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bobby Pierce, a pre-race favorite was forced to a back-up car, and rear-of-the-field starting position, before getting tangled in an early wreck and having other bad luck strike as the race wore on, eventually finishing the night in the 24th position. 2018 Dirt Million winner, Earl Pearson, Jr., finished the event a lot worse than most expected, as the veteran struggled most of the night and battled track conditions, with very little passing opportunities, like many others, to end-the-race in sixteenth.

Full Results:

1.) Brandon Sheppard

2.) Marlar

3.) Junghans

4.) Owens

5.) Weiss

6.) Lanigan

7.) Davenport

8.) T. Erb

9.) H. O'Neal

10.) Bloomquist

11.) McCreadie

12.) D. Erb

13.) Richards

14.) Norris

15.) Overton

16.) Pearson

17.) Casebolt

18.) Blair

19.) Irey

20.) Eckert

21.) Clanton

22.) Babb

23.) Landers

24.) Pierce

25.) Drown

26.) Scott

27.) Shirley

28.) Moran

29.) Markham

30.) Chance

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