Personalities Like Rico Abreu & Tyler Erb Can Push Dirt Track Racing To New Heights

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

In today's motorsports landscape, there are many talented drivers, maybe more than ever before. Dirt Track Racing is no different, from seasoned veterans like Scott Bloomquist, Donny Schatz, Jonathan Davenport, Billy Moyer, Dave Darland, and Jac Haudenschild, among others, still winning races and championships, to young-guns like Sheldon Haudenschild, Logan Schuchart, Tyler Erb, Bobby Pierce and Zeb Wise, again, among many, many other drivers have taken the form of racing by storm, over the past few decades. Some of these wheelmen are outspoken, while others are reserved, keep to themselves and say all the right things.

If you take a look back through the history of our sport, personalities have been just as important to the success of motorsports in general, but especially to the growth of dirt track racing. From the Steve Kinser vs. Sammy Swindell battles for World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series victories and championships to Scott Bloomquist, Billy Moyer and Jeff Purvis battling it out for wins and in a space-race of sorts to the top of any-and-every dirt late model record in-the-book. Not only did these drivers know how to win on the racetrack, but they had the personalities and ability to grow the sport off of the track and appeal to fans in every way possible, to help promote the sport, sell tickets and take their career to the next step.

In various other sports and forms of auto racing, personalities and participants that fans could relate to have been a major part of the growth of the respective industries and have taken them to the next level. Whether it is a certain celebration in a stick-and-ball sport, not being afraid to give someone the bumper to win a NASCAR race or someone who is just downright fearless behind-the-wheel of an IndyCar ripping around Indianapolis at 230+ MPH, and getting out of the car acting like it was a Sunday drive, there is just something about those competitors that are different and relatable to the people buying tickets, watching on television and purchasing merchandise. These are the folks that built sporting leagues and racing organizations into what they are today, but the question is, where do the superstars of 2019 fall into the mix and who are some that could take dirt track racing to an even higher level.

Rico Abreu and Tyler Erb are the main-two dirt track racing drivers that could not only take the sport to the next level with their on-track talent and performances but also with their personality and connection to fans. Abreu and Erb, alike, have both started to obtain a brand and reputation that they aren't afraid to say what is on their mind, will engage fans and celebrate each victory like it could be their last. These are all traits that can be found in some of the most popular personalities in all of sports and racing, in general, which could breathe new light into the dirt track racing scene and set not only these drivers up with sustained success, but also their class, series and the sport as a whole.

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