What Will Scott Bloomquist's Mark Be In Dirt Track Racing After He Retires From Driving?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Scott Bloomquist is not only arguably the greatest late model driver of all-time, but also just may be the greatest driver to ever sit in any dirt track racing machine. Over the course of his nearly forty-year career, Bloomquist has captured 602-total feature victories, including countless crown jewel wins and high paydays, highlighted by a staggering forty-six $30,000-To-Win or higher event victories. The 55-year-old has been able to raise nine national series championship trophies, with his most recent coming in 2016, which was his third-career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series title.

Superstars like Sammy Swindell have competed deep into their sixties while having major success. For years, all signs pointed to Scott Bloomquist doing the same, as his team has been able to win races, keep sponsorship and continue growing their racing program until recent injuries have called all of those aspects into question. Even though the SBR team may have just as many sponsorship partners as ever, it may be time to start considering what Bloomquist and his team's future in the sport will look like.

There's no question that whether his driving days will be limited to a part-time schedule or over completely, in 2020, 2021 or ten years down the road, Scott Bloomquist, his team and company will be involved in the sport, in some form-or-fashion. Recently, Bloomquist has moved into the car-owner ranks, planning to enter Shannon Babb in May's Show-Me 100, before the Lucas Oil Speedway crown jewel event was postponed due to tornado damage, giving Babb only one race weekend in an SBR prepared second-car, which came at Eldora Speedway as part of $125,000-To-Win Dirt Late Model Dream weekend. Chris Madden also landed an opportunity to run a Bloomquist entered car, after driving Bloomquist chassis for many, many years, competing in the Silver Dollar Nationals, in July, as well as various other select races scheduled throughout the rest of 2019. Madden has been able to capture three-straight crown-jewel race wins, already, behind-the-wheel of his SBR entry.

With promoter and businessman, Cody Somer joining the team as a co-owner to Scott Bloomquist, Bloomer, and the entire team seem to be updating their brand, adapting to the times and getting set for longevity in the sport. It would make the most sense for Bloomquist and team to focus on becoming an industry leader in research-and-development, chassis building and possibly component sales. For his entire racing career, even up until the last number of years, Scott has been at the forefront of new chassis additions and ideas, changing the modern era landscape of the sport and forcing all other teams to continuously look at new ways to improve their equipment.

All signs point towards Scott Bloomquist possibly becoming the greatest inventor, chassis builder, businessman and developer in dirt late model history, over the next number of decades if he wants to take that path. The question really is, love him or hate him, has anyone had the impact Bloomquist has, currently is having and will have in the future of dirt track racing? If so, Scott may just surpass anyone's record, on and off the track, before it is all said and done.

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